Wild Things - Art Classes

Wild Things Art Classes

Wild Things Art Classes is an art school for all ages based in Te Atatu Peninsula, West Auckland. The workshops and courses are designed to encourage self-expression, individuality and to build creative confidence.

Students are given the freedom to create, use their imagination and to express themselves in a fun, safe environment. This develops and strengthens a creative mind through imagination and practical experience, benefiting all aspects of learning.

Wild Things Art Classes - Kids Art

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Builds self-esteem

Students learn skills to express themselves through art and develop creative confidence.

Stimulates imagination

Gives students the freedom to use their imagination and helps them relate to the world through their senses.

Encourages individuality

We provide a strong, safe environment in which students are encouraged to find their own voice

Develops and strengthens
creative thinking

Teaches how to see differently, developing a strong problem solving mind that benefits all areas of learning.

Supports self-expression

Students learn to listen and appreciate others. The program uses creative processes to share values and develop empathy with peers.

| “You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my head” -Yoko Ono